A Thrill Ride in the Cinema

The action-packed thriller Escape Room was released on January 4, 2019, as it received 54% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.4/10 star rating on IMDb. With seven rooms total and each with their own meaning, director Adam Robitel was able to create an eventful film centered around six wildly different characters all with the drive to conquer the game.


With six main characters, who all had different and personal reasons for pursuing the daring escape room, the diverse cast was able to come together, put their lives on the line, and try to make it back home.


The players went into the “game” thinking it would be a good-natured puzzle for a grand prize of $10,000, however, it turned out to be a real-life horror. The movie incorporated flashbacks of the characters, providing guidance to the audience in order to understand the meaning of each room. Not only did the background stories allow the crowd to fathom each character, it also helped build a connection with the characters.


The movie was able to cultivate a spectrum of feelings for the majority of the characters. Zoey Davis, portrayed by Taylor Russell, played a shy and intelligent college student. During the game, she showed the most perseverance, wit, and collectivism. She was definitely one of the more central characters, being the face of the Escape Room cover, and showed growth throughout the film. The second major character was Ben Miller, portrayed by Logan Miller, who was quite irritable in the beginning. However, like Zoey, Ben was also a dynamic character and changed. He conquered obstacles and became more open to sharing his story. Being able to experience the characters’ journeys made the film all the better.


On top of a phenomenal cast lineup, the movie should be best known for its action sequences. The cinematography, done by Marc Spicer, was absolutely outstanding. All the attention to detail for each room added to the realistic aspect and definitely caught my eye. It was so interesting to see how all the components of the room would come together to form a puzzle that was so intriguing and unique. Not only did it have action, but mystery and drama, too. From beginning to end, friendships were made, trust was gained, and lives were lost. The movie incorporated so many genres of film that had me at the edge of my seat.


Overall, this movie provided thrill and excitement, even more than I anticipated. It had a great cast and a plethora of action. Although the movie had frightening ratings at the box office, I highly suggest watching Escape Room.