Greys Anatomy: Season 17 Review

As many Grey’s Anatomy fans know, producer Shonda Rhimes decided to turn season 17 into a COVID themed season. Grey’s has been a beloved show to a large fanbase, including myself, for many years (17 to be exact). I have loved every moment of the show, that is until Rhimes decided to take the show into a completely new direction. 

   Although COVID-19 is very relevant now, especially for a show based in a hospital, I think that this COVID season has completely ruined Grey’s as a whole. 

   First of all, many people watch television shows to escape reality and to relax. We see enough COVID in our day to day life, so it is unnecessary to watch more of it in our favorite shows! 

   Another reason I am disappointed by this COVID season is because, according to, Grey’s Anatomy is about “the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Meredith Grey [who] are faced with life-or-death decisions on a daily basis. They seek comfort from one another, and, at times, more than just friendship.” 

   But, due to the COVID season, the characters are by themselves at all times and are unable to “comfort” their friends or develop new relationships. 

   I understand why Shonda Rhimes thought this would be a good direction for the show, but I believe this created a dead end for Grey’s Anatomy. In reality, we have not cured/stopped COVID, so how will the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial find a resolution to this pandemic?

   At this point, many of us watchers are too connected to the characters to stop watching. But, I hope Rhimes finds a way to create something good out of this horrific pandemic, instead of keeping us focused on it in our desired escapes from reality. Overall, I rate season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy a 1 out of 5.