Upcoming 3 v 3 Basket Ball Tournament


Get ready for a couple of action packed days of BHHS basketball. This Thursday and Friday (May 4th and 5th) starting at 3:00 P.M. in the main gym, will be a student leadership run 3v3 basketball students open to all students at BHHS.

More specifically, with a $10 payment, students are allowed to the tournament with either a pre-created team or individually, in which case they will be assigned to a team. The gym is also open to spectators, who must pay a small entrance fee.

The 3v3 basketball tournament is a result of the Individualized Leadership Project for the Student Leadership Class. This tournament was created and will be run by Stuco seniors, CJ Drogosch, Max Levine, and Tre Anderson, as well as sophomores, Ben Mutz and Parker Haisha.

The project requires the students choosing a group that will be benefited by the project. In this case, they are choosing to raise money to offset the cost of 2017 prom.

In preparation for the event the five students had to do a lot of prior research and work to set up the event. This included finding a date that worked, reserving the gym, collecting money and more.

“Now that everything is in place, it is all about making sure everything runs smoothly.  The expectations are that it’s a competitive 3v3 basketball tourney and everyone has a good time playing or watching. We also hope to raise a decent amount of money towards our 2017 Prom and we did that, said Drogosch”.

So whether you’d rather play or watch, come out and support Student Leadership in their 2017 prom efforts.