New Electronic Music Hits The Dance Floor


While she may not be widely popular, Adara, an up and coming new musician focusing on electronic dance music (EDM), has released an album called AfterGlow EP. When I was first introduced to her, I was surprised by the quality and ingenuity presented by her music, and I instantly fell in love.

Though Adara isn’t a household name in America, her genre of EDM, is extremely popular overseas, prominently in countries such as Morocco, Egypt, and South Korea.

Although I had only viewed her music videos on YouTube, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she had released her music on iTunes. Without a doubt, this newly released album can compete with chart-topping songs. “AfterGlow EP” is most notably one of the best album purchases I’ve ever made, with a price of only $9.03 for the complete album of 7 incredible and original songs. My favorite songs of the album consist of Stadium and Oasis.

These songs produce an extraordinary vibe, with Stadium being a fast electronic beat and Oasis being slower with strong vocals.

Moreover, the unique sounds of the electronic instruments and the sci-fi atmosphere of the music videos really set Adara and her music apart from the traditional genre. These songs are perfect for dancing at a party, or in your bedroom to release pent up nervous energy from study sessions.

Whenever these songs are being played, the electronic music sends shivers of excitement down my spine. I personally guarantee, whoever listens to Adara’s music, will be instantly hooked.