Stay Mindful

Writer reflects on the challenge of the junior to senior transition


Fiona Rudy

Stay mindful, friends!

The form requesting scheduling is due on March 17, and it has been the single most central thought in my mind since I was handed that purple sheet.


Like most rising seniors, I’ve been filling out class request forms for probably the last five years, And it’s been pretty simple, until this year. Because next year is the last year of high school. The last year of k-12. The last year before I, and so many others, will go off to our adult lives. For myself, pursuing higher education. So what do I still want to learn, how do I want to spend my time, in this final year?


For myself, I asked about every single class, I spoke with teachers and peers who have already taken these classes before, my counselor, my parents. Putting so much effort into this task, But why?


This time of year is my least favorite, the third quarter. Deep enough into the school year that motivation is running low, close enough to the end that all the big exams are drawing near. The most stress, the least reward. It feels like so much is riding on this year, trying to perfect that college application with high SAT scores and pages of extracurriculars, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that time is running short. In the last months of the busiest year, it’s important to keep a level head. 


The fact of the matter is all we can do is our best. Set your goals and shoot as high as you can, not just in terms of high gpas and volunteer hours, but how many school events do you want to attend, how much time you can spend with the people you care about. Starting the second semester I made a series of goals, the third through ninth were all academic, resume builders. But one and two? The first was to get more sleep, the second was to spend more time outside. Simply to make the quality of my life more enjoyable. 


Amidst all the chaos, all the stress, making just a little bit of time for yourself to breathe can be a lifesaver.


Hold on juniors, we’re gonna make it. 


Stay Mindful,