Jersey Bagel Deli and Grill is the best bagel you’ll ever find


Whether you’re picking up a dozen bagels and tuna salad for a family brunch, or in the mood for a deli sandwich, Jersey Bagel Deli and Grill is the place to go. This recently opened multi purpose restaurant is one of the most underrated and versatile lunch destinations with some of the best tasting food.


Located at 33220 W 14 Mile Rd, West Bloomfield Township, Jersey Bagel is more than just your average bagel shop with prices that will keep you coming back for more. The grill’s open from 5:30 AM-5:00 PM on Mondays-Saturdays and from 5:30 AM-3:00 PM on Sundays.


Jersey Bagel’s prosperity is derived from their bagels of course. Their unique 18 hour process insures perfect bagel consistency. Ranging from cinnamon raisin, my personal favorite, to whole wheat, Jersey Bagel carries 23 delicious bagel flavors.


Aside from their various delectable bagels, Jersey Bagel also offers a diverse menu consisting of wraps, hot pressed paninis, bagel breakfast sandwiches, soups, omelets, salads and more. In my opinion, Jersey Bagel has perfected the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. How can fresh cooked eggs and bacon with melted cheese on your bagel of choice be passed up?


If you are somehow still hungry after finishing one of the restaurant’s enormous sandwiches, it is worth exploring Jersey Bagel’s tantalizing baked goods. A wide selection of muffins, danishes, croissants, and crumb cakes will surely suit any sweet tooth.


With modern decor, limited, but usually open seating and a walk-up ordering line, the restaurant is designed similar to a typical bagel place. But if you are thinking about rolling in on noon sunday, you may like to reconsider or just know you will be waiting in a line out the door. But hey, it’s worth it for the best bagels in Michigan. Great at any time of the day, go check out Jersey Bagel.