Beyond Juice: Beyond Expectations

Being a smoothie fanatic, I’ve tried numerous smoothie places. They’ve all had their positive attributes – whether their smoothie tastes the best, or their price was the cheapest – but I can easily say that Beyond Juice has the best smoothies for the best price.


Beyond Juice has four different stores all approximately within 20 minutes of Bloomfield Hills High School. That being said, it is very convenient to stop by and pick one up. Along with its conveniency, Beyond Juice also has a wide variety of products to choose from.


Not only does Beyond Juice have smoothies, but it also sells items like juices and sandwiches. The astounding variety of the products featured is undeniable, and perfect for satisfying everyone’s tastes.


For a smoothie at Beyond Juice, the average price is $5.50; however, if you get a smoothie with protein, like peanut butter or coconut, there is only a small price increase.


When rating Beyond Juice, I would give it 5 stars because of its diverse products’ unmatched taste and quality at remarkably reasonable prices. With their smoothies being off the charts, I would personally recommend that you make sure to go there right away.