Sugar High is Worth the Drive at M Street Bakery

Leaving my New Years resolution of eating healthier in Bloomfield Hills, I drove forty-five minutes away to downtown Howell. At 117 N. Michigan Ave is M Street Bakery, serving the sweetest and calorie filling treats since June 2018.


Walking into this cozy modern bakeshop, I took in the aroma of freshly baked treats and the soft music. Right away, I felt welcomed into this family-owned business, as I looked at the recipes of Grandma Helen’s Sweet Bread and Aunt Lori’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie that were displayed on the menu board at the entrance. As I approached the counter, I saw a variety of scrumptious baked goods ranging from cinnamon rolls, zucchini carrot bread, cupcakes, and cannolis. To my right was a refrigerated section featuring even more goodies; there was cookie dough, an assortment of mini cupcakes, old fashioned soda, and to my astonishment, a salad!


Finally, after taking all of this in, I was just about ready to order. The friendly staff greeted me and told me about their sugar-free and vegan options, as well as their 10 dollar daily shake flavors. After a few minutes of debating between a S’mores, Cookies n’ Cream, Birthday Party or Chocolate Trip Shake, I chose the Birthday Party Shake.


Coated in rainbow sprinkles and decked out with cotton candy, animal crackers, rock candy, an ice cream cone, a unicorn marshmallow straw, a mini cupcake, and airheads extreme arrived my Instagram worthy milkshake. Taking my first sip, I was surprised. Not only because it tasted as pretty as it looked, but of all the wonders I found inside my old-fashioned made milkshake! It was like a birthday party in a cup! My milkshake was cold, thick, and delicious. The toppings only added to the fun, without taking away the simplicity of the cake batter flavored ice cream.


Overall, I highly recommend M Street Bakery. I can tell you the sugar high is definitely worth the drive! I would rate this bakery 5 out of 5 stars for the taste of their treats matching up to the standards of how they look. They have a welcoming environment that’s clean, well decorated, and equipped with lovely staff. I will definitely be taking another 45-minute drive to M Street Bakery again!