44 Scoops is scooping up delight

The recently opened ice cream shop on Orchard Lake Rd. called 44 Scoops, named after its 44 flavors different flavors of ice cream ranging from classic vanilla to raspberry rhapsody, is bound to be a favorite indulgence destination with its quality staff and desserts.


The store itself exerted a cute ambience, with a tempting array of different toppings and candies sure to make you feel like a kid in a candy store. As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by a warm welcome from the manager, who promptly and kindly took my order, allowed me to take samples, and brought me through a tour on some highlighted flavors. The service also exhibited a humility that is becoming more difficult to comeby in the consumer world. The manager’s pride for his store was evident throughout my visit. 


The ice cream itself was beyond delicious; I ordered one scoop of french vanilla and one of cotton candy on a sugar cone along with some sprinkles for good measure. Each bite was like creamy, sweet heaven, with vivid cotton candy flavor and the rich taste of real vanilla bean. The cotton candy in particular was nostalgic in that it was exactly as amazing as I remembered it from my childhood, ever since I had not been able to find a good cotton candy ice cream. These scoops aren’t wimpy, either; one scoop is the size of two, towering over the cone.


The store is also dedicated to quality and health for their customers, separating different milks and nuts to accommodate those with allergies, while offering grade ice cream brands like Brown Dog, Guersies, and Chocolate Shoppe. 


Every establishment has negatives, and this store is no exception. However cute the atmosphere might be, it was very cramped with the two tables butting up next next to each other, and only two feet between the tables and the counter. This can be especially annoying when little screaming kids bombard the store. 


Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend 44 Scoops as a go to spot for any ice cream temptation.