Madagascar bird rediscovered

Once thought extinct, the dusky tetraka became found again


Xanthomixis tenebrosa, also known as the dusky tetraka, is a warbler native to Madagascar. And, since its last confirmed appearance in 1999, it was presumed extinct.

   The disappearance of the dusky tetraka stems from the habitat loss in the region. Over the past century, forests worldwide have been stripped for their resources and paved over with concrete, leading to the disappearance of many unique species. 

   This not only applies to distant lands like Madagascar, but also Michigan, which was once blanketed by a flourishing, wetland ecosystem. Many residents of the state don’t even realize that bitterns, moose, and cougars are all native to the area, just very endangered.

   From late December, 2022 until recently, an expedition team was led by Lily-Arison René De Roland, director of the Peregrine Fund in Madagascar. The goal of the escapade: to prove the dusky tetraka’s existence (or lack thereof). Since then, multiple sightings of the Dusky Tetraka were reported by the team, with three specimens located near a river. This is big news for wildlife enthusiasts, especially those interested in Madagascan ornithology, with the country having one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

   Potentially, the publicization of this rediscovery will increase protection of Madagascar’s ecosystems. However, only time will tell.