The dangers of procrastination

Editor discusses why waiting until the last minute is the wrong way to go


As high schoolers, we are all guilty of procrastination. Whether that be starting an extensive project the night before it is due or cramming for a unit test, it is fair to say that at one time or another, we have all found ourselves procrastinating.

   In the moment, it seems that saving all of our homework for the last minute is fine; we can hang out with our friends now and then do our work later. But, we keep on saying “later” and soon find ourselves starting to study for the test the night before. 

   The seemingly harmless decision to procastricate results in a lot more than not being prepared for our tests or failing to complete our projects on time. It leads to large amounts of stress, poor mental health, sleep deprivation, and long nights of constant studying. Soon, we find ourselves having to spend hours playing “catch up” in our classes, and the material that we are learning is probably not being comprehended as well as it should be because we are cramming. 

 But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If we plan ahead and study a little bit each day, our stress levels will likely decline, our grades will improve, and those long, awful nights of cramming will hopefully be over. 

   Instead of pushing off your homework so you can watch a movie with your friend or go out to dinner with someone one night, stay home to do your homework. Trust me, you will be thankful for your decision to do so when you’re prepared for the test the night before. 

   Of course, it’s great and healthy to go out with your friends and take a night off from studying. But what leads to procrastination is making these choices over and over again. Balance is the key to living a less stressful life, and one of the best ways to live a more balanced life is to stop procrastinating. 

   No one is perfect. We all can have better time management at one time or another. But, the fewer times we fall into the “procrastination hole,” the better and more balanced our lives will be.