The innovative eight-day week

The addition of a Midday between Tuesday and Wednesday

The innovative eight-day week

In the year 321 CE, The Roman Empire established the seven day week, which now is arguably the worst decision known to mankind. As you may know, the week currently consists of five consecutive work days followed by two days of weekend rest. In this article, I will be debunking each day and describing the impact of a new day in the weekly cycle. 

   To begin, I would like to introduce you to…Midday. Midday falls between Tuesday and Wednesday, and it is not a work day. Midday is named from a combination of the Latin root midi, meaning middle, and the typical ending day that all other days of the week end in.

   Monday is the start to the work week-the most commonly hated day. In the seven day week, you still have four more work days to focus on ahead of you, which is hard to do whilst your brain is still on weekend mode. With the addition of the eight day week, your brain will still be on weekend mode, however, you only have one more day of work ahead of you to dread.

   Tuesday, your brain is off of weekend mode, but you are still dreading three more consecutive work days, and you are also very deprived of sleep. With the amended week, Tuesday will feel like a Friday because it is the day before Midday. You will be looking forward to a day of rest and catching up. 

   Tuesday is currently followed by Wednesday, the most boring day of the week. You are burnt out from the previous two days, yet you still have two more days to go. On the contrary, in the eight day week, Midday would take place prior to Wednesday. This would allow a day to catch up on work and rest. Activities individuals may choose to do on Midday are sleeping, exercising, running errands, or any other activity.

   Then comes Thursday; in the typical week, you will be very drained, but nevertheless looking forward to the weekend. In the new week, you will still be looking forward to the weekend, but you will no longer be drained. 

   Finally, you have made it to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These days are relieving in both versions of the week. The only difference that remains is how much you will dread the next week. Two days is much less to worry about than five. 

   Overall, The Roman Empire caused the world to suffer through long weeks that could last an eternity. The addition of Midday would cause improvements in mental health, work ethic, and sleep deprivation. The world must break this repetition with the eight day cycle for the common good and happiness of all people.

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