Pontiac Silverdome Finally Falls

Pontiac Silverdome Finally Falls

On Sunday, December 3, after the established company Adamo Group’s attempt to implode the Pontiac Silverdome failed and thousands took to social media to ponder the situation, the “eye-sore,” according to the Detroit News, finally fell.

In an article published by the Free Press, Mayor of Pontiac Deirdre Waterman said, “Although we’re waiting for a final assessment from the Adamo Group, we have been informed by them that eight shape charges didn’t go off on the main columns [during the initial attempt].”

The next day, Monday, December 4, a second attempt on the dome was made.

The Silverdome, which has been up since 1975 hosted historical events such as the San Francisco 49ers’ first Super Bowl win, World Cup soccer matches in 1994, an NBA All-Star Game and the NBA Finals, many seasons of Detroit Lions football and Detroit Pistons basketball.

This stadium and venue has been abandoned since 2002.